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Firemen, dalmations, a pole, and one silly Santorum. How i got it all wrong.

Did i learn a lesson last week. That’s a question with a period, i know. The story: I was trying to arrange for a team of us at NIKE to go to a fire station to get some inspiration around … Continue reading

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I had missed this accident, literally, by hours. maybe even minutes. On December 31, 2009, i was riding a chairlift over the halfpipe in Park City, Utah, watching a kid fly so high off the sides of it, that i … Continue reading

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damn you, pussycat, damn you.

We adopted new kitten from the Oregon Humane Society about a month ago and she is SUCH a bitch. But it was on my list, so we had to. Here was our conversation this morning: Cat: i want a cat … Continue reading

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nothing but junk.

This morning, i was trying to thread my blog together. And then i came across this incredible freaking article, and the course of what i wanted to focus on took a complete left hook across the face. See, i’m trying … Continue reading

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how Stanley and i inadvertently killed our planet this weekend.

It’s Christmas!  a package at the door! Savannah, “is it an iPhone for me?” me, “no.” David, “is it the thing that shoots the cat when she claws my ‘men’s club’ couch?” me, “no.” David, “is it the blow up … Continue reading

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the worst football player in the United States of America.

My junior year of college, i met a guy. Admittedly that might be the most boring opening sentence ever.  Usually you want that first sentence to really capture the reader, convince him to keep reading. But truly, it started with … Continue reading

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my girl.

blue eyes, originally uploaded by Corradiniphoto. and her blue eyes.

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my list.

Here is my list. take it seriously.  It will not change and if it is on here it means i intend to accomplish it between now and a year from now.  365 days. 1) celebrate today. two personal things happened. … Continue reading

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proceeding with extreme caution here.

OK, i have to approach this blog post VERY carefully. I mean with the utmost caution. Because if my intent gets misinterpreted, i’m totally fucked. Here’s what could happen: 1) i could get bucketed as a “mommy blogger.” 2) i … Continue reading

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boone speed ahead

ok, so when i started this blog last January, it was with the belief and self confidence that i had just a shred of talent in the art of photography. I thought that by giving some really basic tips on … Continue reading

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