Is love alive?

Today is my 42nd birthday.

not a big deal, at all.

Just a day, in fact.

But i held today up, put it in a jar, and watched it… because some amazing things went down, and how could i not honor that!

So bear with me, because a few of you get an honorable mention, and it’s no goddamn Academy Award, but it’s something meaningful to ME, and since this is my blog, you’re on here and you better accept it.

Today, this happened:

Dieter ran a beautiful route in South Boston for me.

Betsy gave $25 dollars in my honor to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital.

Regina left me a flat of tomatoes and herbs to start my summer garden.

Dana, my deviant soul sister, practiced some “mindful flower arranging” for me today (damn i love her, but she might have been a bit more mindful of that last tanker at Bar X, now, shouldn’t she???)

My sweet husband gave me a beautiful watch, to remind me that time is, indeed, on our side… and lest we take advantage of it, there is SO much more left.

And on my insanely gorgeous morning run, i did the following:

Listened to “Wild Montana Skies” to remind me of my days growing up loving every chord in John Denver ballads, reinforcing my love of  the Rocky Mountains, whose majestic peaks, cold winds, mindblowing snow and lustful wild flowers shaped me to live bigger than life, and helped re-enforce my commitment to Ella. 

Found amazing memories in Nancy Griffith and Counting Crows in “Going Back to Georgia,” reminding me of my “wiley” days in pool halls, dark, smokey pubs, and a little dose of discovery.

Definitely took the Erasure train (A Little Respect, people) to remind me of my 4 years at Bates College (alas i missed my 20th reunion this weekend!) to pay respect to my homies that kicked my ass at quarters in Smith Hall…

And brought it home with a little “Louis Quatorze” via Bow Wow Wow and a bit of Sting (Dream of the Blue Turtles, of course) to bring back my days in high school when i thought i was the SHIT.

So many memories that have passed in the 42 years i have spent here, and i have to admit that i was quite dreading the social media aspect of Facebook alerts coming my way.  But you know what?

i fucking loved it. 

All of you, you are amazing.

My new friends in Paris, Morocco, and Egypt – thank you for opening my eyes and helping me understand more about the plight of the Middle East.  For your patience in allowing  me see, with my own heart, that it is human error that forces women to cover all but her eyes, not the word of your Allah, our God.

My mentors, one of whom today wished me to “Shine on,” indicating that though i was on the path to living life fully, her expectation was that i had so much more to do.  Yes, yes!!!

To my brother, who i love to death but drives me completely batshit. With his inability to simply answer with a “yes” or “no”, he forces me to think deeper, always peel back the layer and ask more. We all need at least one Andrew in our lives.

To my mother, who through an 11 minute introduction in Arabic, French, and English to 500 women leaders at the International Women’s Forum last week in Morocco, reminded me what shoes i have to fill… that existing with what IS is not enough… we must always reach deep inside our passions to fight for what CAN BE.

To my dad, who, above everyone else, reads in between the lines to find exactly what pushes my buttons, and hand delivered me two amazing custom gifts on his trip to Portland this week:

yeah, this is the cheeziest photo EVER. But it is a custom “I heart Lola” tank top and trucker hat, AND a plastic leaf blower that shoots bubbles. To know me is to know that Lola is my dream car, and leaf blowers are my nemisis. So yeah, we kind of HAD to take this photo.

To Lucy Walker  and David de Rothschild, who have come into my life through sheer grace over the last couple years and taught me to be a better global citizen – to relish this planet forcefully so that it can be left better than we inherited it… i adore you.

To May and Maddie… the strongest females i know.  This year is YOURS to beat cancer, and i thank you for being MY teacher in strength and courage.  How could anything be more important than your battle?

And finally, to my daughter, Savannah Hope, who, through fresh cobwebs not yet swept from her brain, completely forgot it was my birthday this morning, yet nonetheless woke up to give me a massive hug, kiss and “good morning, Mommy, I love you!”

I adore you all, and if you ask me, i say that because of each and every one of you that took the few seconds to wish me happiness today, i humbly, completely, and without any reservation say that YES, love is very, very much alive.

Shine on.


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6 Responses to Is love alive?

  1. Zilla says:

    In honor of your birthday- I took time for myself and I ran (which i didnt want to do). With a GPS watch (that I hate to wear). And I liked it. Because the watch told me “way to get out there today.” and it made me think of you metaphorically.
    You of all my mentors know what motivates people. And you know that motivating people spurs action. And action spurs change. So for all of this…Thank you – you beautiful leggy lycanthorpe of a soul sister…for motivating is all!

    • like a mobius strip, we are intertwined. motivating, spurring , action, change… then back again. Never more honored to be in that cycle with you and unless physics defies it’s own logic, it looks like we’re stuck in the beautiful vicious cycle together. xo, until the next full moon. AC

  2. Mark says:

    Love it, Nan. Love you!

  3. Mark Rasmussen says:

    Okay, so I did some good deeds in your honor, as I promised. I climbed an Alp, honoring you by actually exercising. After that, even though I was horribly tired, I helped a stranded Swiss guy push-start his minivan. I helped my sophomore son with three final projects so that he can hopefully get into a good college some day. I wrote my wife’s post for her math class, just so she could relax. Okay, so those last two seem a little like helping someone cheat, but, well… It was done in the spirit of the day. I hope you are able to do something equally nice for yourself.

  4. sharon says:

    As always, it’s a delight to jump head first into your blogs and get lost, even if for a moment. Did not realize my daughter, Katelyn (who turned 6), shares a birthday with you. My gift to her on her special day, and always, is to lead by example. I am reminded, as I finish reading your birthday blog, that we have so many opportunities out there to do just that. Living in the moment and always keeping our eyes on the horizon. Seize the day! xoxo

  5. betsy says:

    Simply put AC, you inspire all of us to be Aware, and through your family to Think , and through you example to Love.. Thank you for keeping us on track and willing us to live Big!!
    I love you..

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