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I can’t help it if my sculptor loved Poltergeist (from the point of view of an outcast mannequin).

Somebody is going to be totally offended by this post. I don’t know who, because it would take someone who can’t take humor very well, but i guarantee you, out in this big wide blogosphere where one can get offended … Continue reading

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It is my only option left, Part Deux (and why i think my doctor is not telling me i have parasites).

DISCLAIMER: The ONLY way this blog will make sense is if you read this first.  Seriously, it’s the precursor to this whole story. If you don’t, i cannot guarantee that we will remain virtual friends, as you will quite possibly be … Continue reading

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a note to Ella.

Ella Louise, you are about to enter a world full of faith, optimism, hatred, controversy, politics, and hope. since you are hours from being born, i need to write this before i see your beauty, so that when it is … Continue reading

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24 hours of idiocrazy.

Here’s how the conversation went, 30 seconds after the cop pulled me over on the shoulder of the I-5 friggin’ FREEWAY: Officer: Ma’am, the reason i am pulling you over is that you have expired tags.  From August. Me:  Are … Continue reading

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