Andrea. Color Design, NIKE. Mother of 2.

Soren, Age 8. Martial arts master, funny guy, looks like his momma.

Linda.  From Amsterdam, snowboarder, says it like it is.

Jian. Husband, father, Michael Jordan warrior.

Hannah.  Professional radical, mum.

Shay. Designer, runner, energy giver.

Mark. Major, US Army. Foreign Area Officer specializing in North Africa and Middle East.

Sarah. Loyal, athletic, adventurer, leader.

Remco. NIKE Brand design, green card holder, cyclist, gentle giant.

Xander. Taking gap year. University of Maryland hopeful.

Sandy. King of NIKE SB, art collector, cancer survivor, musician, Uncle.

Asa. 10 years old. Soccer lover, fisherman.

David. NIKE Jordan warrior, father, 2:30 marathoner.

Zach. Son, Knight, Citizen of the world.

Kristin. NIKE creative director, rebel blogger, model.

Zack, age 19. ALL Leukemia patient, Military dreamer.

Sabeeka. Pakistani American Muslim, Red Sox fan, new blogger.

Steven. Professional photographer, father, completed solo swim across English Channel.

Karen. Designer, visionary, big heart.

Naliko. Loyal friend, brother.

Leah. Dancer, Singer, Sister.

Lisa. Dreamer, explorer, NSW product director, wannabe snowboarder.

Cindy. NIKE SB, Mother, style blogger.

Simon. Artist, bilingual, all boy.

Stacie.  Tabata drillmaster, young professional, runner, tough as nails.

Aleta. Spontaneous marathoner, kindness giver, mother.

Matt. NSW PLM, photographer, sneaker collector, and soon to be father.

Emma. Irish, raw, NIKE digital guru, runner.

Christian. Wordsmither, brand innovator, 365 hoodie wearer.

Jack.  Hates to sleep, loves to giggle.

Carl. Designer, fisherman, mad hatter.

Darla. Athlete, Capricorn, misunderstood.

Mark. Environmentalist, skier, writer, father.

Courteney. NIKE Entertainment marketing, 80’s dancer, optimist.

Miranda. High school senior, dancer, skier, and big sister.

Gavin. Professional Thinker, Father.

Payton, age 8. Sister, debater, daughter, performer.

Adriana.  Visual merchandiser, mother, Chemo Pal

Shawn. Skateboarder, Hard Rocker, Raven’s Father.

Tiffany. Natural birthing advocate, fierce mama, ballet dancer, kindergarten teacher.

Nick. Age 16. Honor student, new driver.

Jules. Mother, professional, eternal optimist.

Sue. Loyal friend, young professional, marathoner.

Savannah. Age 10. Questioner, French speaker, future WNBA athlete.

Boone. Professional photographer, climber, nature protector.

Cholee. Talent agency owner, mother, model, naturopath.

Ryan. son, toy gatherer, golfer.

Nancy. Professional mother, travel lover.

Katie. Master’s Degree in International Human Rights, marathoner, new blogger, sister.

Elizabeth. Speaks 5 languages, NIKE employee, cyclist against cancer, mother.

Michael, Henry, Parker. Brothers, sons.

From all of us, woven together, united in our uniform, different in every other way, we wish justice to the family of Trayvon.  May his young soul rest in peace. 

Thank you to all my friends who said yes to being part of this.

As always,


Andrea. NIKE veteran, blog author, conversation starter, mother.

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18 Responses to Hooded.

  1. Deedee Corradini says:

    It could not have been said better in words–thank you.
    I love you,

  2. Suzysak says:


  3. Katie says:

    Reblogged this on the girl with the ONJ tattoo and commented:
    My sister’s blog – more powerful than any of my blogs will likely ever be. Please share, comment, like, dislike.

  4. abipolardiva says:

    very cool Andrea. very cool.

  5. debbie schubert says:

    you are brilliant and beautiful, i wish i was more like you. thank you for this and all your other blogs

  6. Laura says:

    Leaves me breathless- so powerful.

  7. Cheryl Davis says:


  8. One of the most beautiful and poignant photo essays I’ve seen. Thank you. ❤

  9. lousyananut says:

    thank you for this powerful tribute….this could’ve easily been my son. I cried when I heard the 911 calls…actually hearing this baby scream for his life….just heavies my soul so. Again, I thank you.

  10. Zilla says:

    POWERFUL! love every unique, individual photo…your skills bring out the emotion perfectly. Love it. Wearing a Hoody as much as possible this week. xo

  11. Harold Smith says:

    You did not show any black males in this array. Put some in and then ask for comments

    • Ah Harold, i hope i am not reading this as a negative comment. Should the color of one’s skin not allow us to throw our full throttle force towards the support of Trayvon and his family? The entire point of this blog is that we are all very different in our skin, our beliefs, and our religion, yet we all want justice served in this case. The fact that it feels you are disappointed that i did not have any black males completely misses the point, and in fact fuels the undertone here that we all need to judge less, love more. I did not actually ask for any comments, however in the spirit of free speech, yours is just as welcome as any others. Finally, and it troubles me greatly that i even need to write this, the photos include friends who are White, Asian, Male, Hispanic, Female, and one very amazing loving black man named Jian. Peace. AC.

  12. handsnface says:

    Gotta run to a class so I can’t say much but this is a well done tribute. I hope this gets around to people.

  13. Darin says:

    This is so damn good. Really illustrates the power we all experience through impactfull imagery. Well done and well said. Thanks so much for sharing this!!


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