car dancing.

i wasn’t planning on posting tonight at all.

mostly because nothing of any significance has happened in my life since i last posted 2 days ago (unless you count that fact that our 9 year old French exchange student has taught me how to say “drop it” to my black lab, Kelby, in French).

But i was driving home with my daughter and aforementioned exchange student from our company’s employee store, and they were dancing to some random Miranda Cosgrove, or some other teeny bopper song, and started car dancing.

And the first thought that came into my head was, “holy shit, i have the first ever original video of the first two girls ever to car dance.”

So i have to get it out there.

Because if car dancing ever takes off, and these two beautiful, sexy women don’t get credit, i’ll have failed as a friend and as a car-dancing agent (i just gave myself that title).

So no photos here… but even more amazing is that if you are reading this you are witness to my first ever VIDEO posting.

Ladies and gentlemen (mostly ladies to start because i don’t think a lot of dudes read my blog, but after seeing this video, maybe more will?), i proudly introduce you to the first ever car dancing video, performed by my dear friends Abby Bruning and Lauren Henry.

And Abby and Lauren, if you don’t post another video soon, this art will die, or be replaced by inferior car dancing, and quite frankly my conscience just can’t take it.

so post up, girls.

I, for one, believe in you!


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4 Responses to car dancing.

  1. Zilla says:

    I have watched this at least three times since this post…and it makes me laugh…mostly because we are actually driving on a really wind-y road in Central Oregon after a pretty awesome Wild Canyon Games win….but also because we have exceptional camera angles (thanks to Miss Brown Eyes herself). I LOVE CAR DANCING!!!! Most of all…I LOVE CAR DANCING WITH LAUREN HENRY. I definitely want to do a daily car dancing blog updated daily (I think we will be discovered eventually, flown to do a late-night appearance, and instantly be invited to join Justin Bieber in the VIP lounge). BUT! The reason these 9 year old girls dance is that they are so damn full of confidence and energy …they don’t care if the guy in the lane next to you gives them a dirty look or if your co-worker happens to be sitting at the stop light next to you. They love to dance. THey aren’t scared of not being “cool” (yet) and they crack each other up. Car dancing makes me feel 9 years old again and heck- even if people are making fun of me-the sanctity of the car interior makes me invincible. I wish for nothing more than for 9-year old girls everywhere to pretend that they have a glass “bubble’ around them that allows them to be themselves, in EVERY situation.
    Thank you, Sav, for keeping us all young…and for reminding us to TURN IT UP AND DANCE!!!
    xo to the MOOOONNNN!!!

    • well apparently a woman named Dazee (see comments) thinks this is “Ellen” worthy. here’s what you gotta do… SHARE it on FB! Both you and Lauren! that way all your friends see it that i don’t have access to! Your YouTube video has over 125 hits!

  2. Dazee says:

    That was awesome. As their agent you must get them on Ellen.

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