there is no title for this blog.

this is not my story.

not at all.

but i have to tell it to you, because i’m pretty sure most of you are on the home stretch of a crazy week, and are feeling so exhausted you just want to saddle up to the bar, or the TV, or maybe go see an Oscar nominated movie (recommendation: Waste Land… seriously, GO).

so here it is.

A sweet, wonderful, dear friend of mine, guy by the name of Andy Lytle… heart as big as Texas…well… he knows wine.  like, a LOT about wine. (oh,  “art of editing” blog, there i go with the hypocracy… again).

Anyway, we’re at a bar the other night.  Just, you know, a random thursday night where one orders an abysinth drip.  totally typical.  (ask Van Gogh…. he knows)

He proceeds to tell the following story (these are probably not his exact words, and i will probably get some of the details wrong, and i had had too much abysinth to be exact.  but i will capture the story regardless). Anyway…

he’s in Napa.  Napa, last i heard, is kinda famous for vinyards.  oh, and wine.  They sorta know wine. I’m assuming like Portland knows sneakers????  Utah knows skiing????  San Onofre knows surfing???? i’m just sayin’…

ok, the story.  So he’s at a restaurant in Napa, in which the wine is served by a Master Sommelier .  This, for those of us (including me) that know nothing about wine, this is pretty much the exact OPPOSITE.  These people know EVERYTHING about wine.  and then some.  that’s what makes them a”Master.”

There are like, 18 of them in the WORLD (ok, i’m making that number up. there may be more, there may be fewer, but either way, i’ll put all my NIKE stock on the fact that it’s close).

so appreciate this.  ANOTHER MASTER SOMMELIER walks into the restaurant.  here’s where my mind is at this point (cuz i can relate anything to sneakers):  Kobe Bryant is in a bar and in walks Michael Jordan… (and don’t go judging with “omg, kobe is NOTHING like MJ you bitch” or anything like that… just give me some runway here… ok?)

So, we’ve got one master sommelier, who is like the wizard of all things “wine-ish”, who has to SERVE another master sommelier.  you with me?  you feeling the dynamic here?  if not, just stop reading.  the rest of the story won’t even matter.  i KNOW my sister-in-law is still reading.  so at least one of you remains, and the story is so amazing, that’s good enough for me.

SO, the Master Sommelier who is VISITING orders an amazing bottle of wine (naturally).  For those of you that need to know what a Master Sommelier might order in a restaurant in Napa, it was a bottle of Screaming Eagle.

The Master Sommelier that is  serving goes and gets the bottle for the table.  He brings it out to the table.  He opens it with perfection.  The table sighs a collective sigh in anticipation of this brilliant bottle of wine that has just been selected by a Master Sommelier, opened by another Master Sommelier.  The table guests go silent… inhale… exhale… the wine breaths…

The serving Master Sommelier leans the bottle against his forearm to present it.  In that moment…. something goes awry.  the bottle falls from his arm, spins in mid-air, crashes on the table, glass breaks, wine goes everywhere on the white linens and runs amok over plates and laps and… a universal holistic GASP comes from the table and beyond.

in 3 minutes, the table is cleared, the guests are re-seated, the place settings are re-set.

The serving Master Sommelier is nowhere to be seen.

One of the guests at the table gets up and goes to the kitchen, where she finds the serving Master Sommelier leaning against a wall.

“Are you ok?” she asks.

a moment passes.

“Ask me what my wife does.” he says.

another moment.

“What does your wife do?” she asks.

“My wife is a nurse in the NICU (neo-natal intensive care unit) at the hospital.  Every day, she comes home, exhausted and fulfilled by taking care of babies that are born against the odds, some leaving with a long life ahead of them, and some living their full life in a matter of days.”


“Ask me again if i’m ok.” says the Master Sommelier who spilled the wine.

“Are you ok?” asks the guest.

says the Master Sommelier….”I’ve never been better.”

For this midweek post, there are no tips.  Just a singular photo, something that makes all the madness and craziness and superfluousness of my life… well… just that.

embrace the moments.  capture them and love them.

Thank you, Mr. Lytle.


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8 Responses to there is no title for this blog.

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  2. Laura Hunter says:

    WOW, I had no idea this blog was going there.
    AC, you are a wonderful writern! And I can say that with assurance – just like you can relate to sneakers – I’m in publication!

  3. Abby Bruning says:

    Great story…I have to say I relate. When I feel like I’m having a “tough” day at Nikeville…all I need is a brief chat with Nick who had to tell a patient they have cancer or my girlfriend in OB-GYN who had to tell a mother her baby is not going to develop to be normal. Perspective. What really matters. Drama vs. Life. Trivial little things that make us unhappy vs. things that shatter our being.
    Keep writing…I hope you are learning from your blog that writing might be your your hobby 🙂

  4. Abby Bruning says:

    …and back sista!

  5. Dana Roderick says:

    You are unbelievable!!!!! Everytime I think one of your blogs can’t get any better it does! Please don’t stop writing! I have to agree with Abby that you are a talented writer. You tell a great story and have the reader logging on for more!!!!! I also never knew you were this funny. David better beware because he has some stiff competition. Keep it up Sister.

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