Do not f*%king make me say “cheese!”

Think about the last time someone was taking your picture and said those dreaded words, “ok, on the count of three, say CHEESE!  Ready?  One, two, three…” and then you all go “cheeeeese” and the photo is a bloody disaster.  Let me show you what is probably going through your head, as demonstrated by a few of the guys i work with when i tried this maneuver with them..

shocked?  I would hope not.  We all feel this way, right? (oh, um, and the guy in the middle flipping me off with both fingers and all his might?  Yeah, that’s Sandy Bodecker, the big boss.  If you think you know a lot about sneakers and you don’t know who this is, well…i’m just sorry).

So, anyway, what to do about avoiding the big middle finger?  Well again, i’ll show you a couple tricks i use, and they create really great shots of your subject.

TRICK #1 – THE “LOOKING DOWN BECAUSE I’M JUST IN A REALLY PENSIVE TOTALLY MELLOW MOOD” LOOK.  I Love this one because it doesn’t depend on the subject even needing to pose at all.  Here are a few examples:

wow, right?  She has the most beautiful blue eyes, but does not seeing them take away from the photo?  NO!  The braids, freckles, and vibrant color make up for those closed lids.

Imagine on this one if I had said “say cheese!” to Milo here… he’d still be damn cute, but you’d have lost the amazing concentration you see in his face as he tries to ride the bike.  It takes away the energy of the situation!

Ok, one more…

Yeah, you CAN still get the eyes!  Isn’t it beautiful!


Now the following examples of this are all of my daughter, because it is absolutely my FAVORITE way to photograph her (and spoiler alert… you’ll see about a gazibillion more of her on my posts):

here’s all i did for this one, right before a wedding…”SAVANNAH!”  She turned, and BAM!  shot it!

And yep, did the same thing for this one (and if you like the look of the editing here, well that trick is coming up soon).

… and this one.

ha… just shot this one today.

Good trick, right?  Try it!  kids are GREAT with this one, because the innocent looks they flip you when they hear their names are just PRICELESS!  Promise me, if you try this after reading, PLEASE send me your results!!!

TRICK #3 – THE “DON’T WORRY IF THEY’RE LOOKING AT THE CAMERA, IF THEY LOOK AMAZING, TAKE THE GODDAMN PICTURE!” Why do you need a pose?  Some of my favorite photos i’ve taken, the subject didn’t even know i was shooting.  And check out these awesome results!

(ps – this is Annie Boulanger, she’s a professional backcountry snowboarder, and one of the sweetest women on the planet, so if you get a chance, check her out online andshewillblowyourmind)

(please note with this one that i did not have to ask Emma to “say cheeese, emmmaaaa!” to get this fabulous smile.  She was smiling at her friend, and made the perfect shot).

and finally, my handsome stepson…

ok hell… one more of, you guessed it, my daughter!!!  Just ridin’ along in a golf cart, hat keeping the sun out of her face… so why in the world would i ask her to look at me and say cheese and miss this amazing capture?

So there you have it.  3 tips to avoid getting the middle finger.  And next time someone asks you to say cheese, well, i’m by no means encouraging you to do the same, but at the very least, smile at the thought of it :).

If you have read this entire thing start to finish, i am once again so appreciative.

Share your thoughts, feedback, criticism, or best of all… examples of anything you get from these posts!  Or, just flip me off… as per my first photo, it wouldn’t be the first time :).

Post #2, over and out.

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1 Response to Do not f*%king make me say “cheese!”

  1. SR says:

    Need 2 try these tips when taking pics of my kids. The forced smiles just kill me, when the moments prior were just priceless, missed opportunities.

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