Holy shit i did it!

Hello everyone!  If you are reading this, then the first thing i need to say is THANK YOU! You are the first person to read the first blog of what has been something i’ve wanted to do since, well, i learned about what a damn blog was!

Here’s the thing i’m good at… small tips you can do to make those photos you snap of your family, friends, and random stuff you’re into just a bit more interesting.  Am i an amazing photographer?  Hell no.  But i challenge anyone to have as much passion i have about seeing something great to shoot, downloading it, and editing it very simply to create something more than i actually saw.

So please, hang with me for a few posts, and if i’m of no value to you at all… it’s cool.  There are a ton of “how-to” photography blogs out there.  But i’m hoping this one is different, fun, and maybe just a bit unexpected.

So… let’s do this!  You in?

My first thought is on CROPPING a photo.  I have seen a lot of goddamn photos out there on facebook that i would LOVE to get my hands on and crop the piece of the photo that is really the INTERESTING part!!!  Here is an example of what i mean.  In the following photo, i was on a chairlift and saw these amazing trees with the sun setting on the tips.  So instead of posting the entire photo, i just CROPPED it to capture the tips (there was some straightening and color editing i did as well, but we’ll get to that later if you’re still with me :) .

see what i mean?  ok, off for a glass of wine.  Time to celebrate Post #1!  celebrate with me!  Oh, you want one more example, you say?  ok, here’s one of a street in Amsterdam. The full photo is cool, of course:

But the really cool part of this photo is the buildings!  So crop out all the other shit, and look what happens to the photo:

wwwaaayyyyy more interesting, right?

So next time you want to show all your friends a picture… CROP OUT the shit that is boring, and focus on what is really cool (And please… write me if you need help on where your cropping option is on your computer.  If you are on an Apple… it’s right in your Iphoto options).  You should click on each photo to get it full screen, and trust me, you’ll see what i mean.

ok… now for that glass of vino..


oh, whoa, hey… i’m back!  I woke up this morning thinking, “i bet you all would LOVE to see a photo with PEOPLE showing this cropping example!”  right?  you did ask that in your head, didn’t you!  So here’s a great example, using some folks you are going to get to know, as i use them a lot in my examples.  The below photo is of my daughter and her 2 track coaches watching some race.  But there’s no one actually in the photo racing, so at face value the photo isn’t that interesting:

ok, now, if you take the cool part of this photo, which is actually their backs (not the track), then you just crop out everything else, et voila… a super cool photo that is really about the relationship of the coaches to the athlete.

that’s it.  told you cropping is an awesome tool!  off for a run… and working on post #2 so seriously, stay with me because it’s a fun one :).

Hey!  As of this update, it’s officially Jan,1, so HAPPY NEW YEAR!  I am about to post my blog #3, but first i wanted to show some examples that my sister sent me after reading this blog of her doing some amazing cropping!  I’m showing you before and after, of course… First, a cemetary before:

your eye goes to the tombstones, of course, but the mountain and hills are distracting from the real focus.  So here’s what she did, and it’s perfect:

bravo, Katie!

Second example, and i LOVE this one… primarily b/c she saw this as a brilliant photo in an of itself:

(we’re kind of a cat loving family).

And then, she cropped out all the background noise to get the essence of what kitties do best:


ta da!  User example, complete!  Yeah Katie! Now all of y’all…go try it, and send ’em to me… i love a good cropping!!!

time to publish again, off i go.  Happy New Year!

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21 Responses to Holy shit i did it!

  1. Regina says:

    AC- love it and keep ’em coming!

  2. Kris says:

    Yay Andrea!!! Love this! You rock!
    Smooches, K

  3. KK says:

    haha, I love the no bullshit approach AC!

  4. Sharon says:

    Not sure where u find the time to be a full time mom & professional, travel, run, build a home, etc…and now your own Blog? I am truly amazed. Plus, the tips u offered r awesome. Not everyone has that “eye” – keep sharing your gift! E4L

  5. Adriana says:

    Hahaha, great blog Andrea thanks for sharing to all.

  6. david says:

    Hey AC –
    Great start and very excited to see the next few tips.

  7. M-A-Double says:

    Love it! Those coaches look great!

  8. Kevin says:

    Love it AC!

    You’ve always struck me as a very creative soul who really stops to appreciate the beauty in life. Wishing you and yours a wonderful holiday season!


  9. Lori says:

    Love it AC, I’ve got some great photos from the mid 90’s that could use some help! And I think the characters in the photos are pretty cool 🙂

  10. Jenn Hrabal says:

    This is the 1st blog that this tech challenged person has ever read. Loving it! Now off to buy a real camera so I can keep up. Congratulation Andrea!

  11. sam says:

    fun stuff andrea…eric’s new years resolution is to start our family blog…love the photo tips 🙂

    • Thanks for the comment Sam! And with all your travels and new adventures, it will be fun to see! Can’t wait to check it out. i have a book he needs to read, will send as separate note. Take care, your girls are gorgeous! AC

  12. Ellen says:

    I was in Florida just before Christmas and took some beautiful pictures. I’ve just cropped/recropped several based on your cropping suggestions – they’re beautiful! Looking forward to your next topic.

    • C’mon let’s see ’em! I want before and afters too… they’re the best fun. thank you for replying, can’t tell you how much it means to a new blogger! Post #3 hits today!

  13. Betsy says:

    How fabulous a gift and even more that you share ..
    An amazing chikeeta you are.. I love it!

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